Libertines in Love

That awkward moment when you go to a hospital for depression and return with PTSD.

Alternatively, that awkward moment when life shows you a highway and slashes your god damned tires.

But it wasn’t all bad. I got some help and I’m not ready to jump off the edge of the Sears Tower or some shit anymore.  And shockingly, I didn’t lose any followers.
I actually gained some.  What a wonderful thing to come back to.

So to my new followers, welcome.
And to the ones who stayed here, thank you.
And to all of you beautiful people, I love you.

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Posted on October 5th at 7:26 PM
Tagged as: mental wellness. complaints. ooc. little rant. but I'm okay..
  1. electriclies said: *hugs* will you be alright?
  2. where-did-things-go-wrong said: ((/hugsies/ I love you muchly))
  3. demimondesz posted this
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